Shannon, Vikander and Hoyeon set for Na-Hong Jon thriller

A mysterious discovery is made on the outskirts of a remote harbor town

Actress and model Hoyeon (“Squid Game”), Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender are set for Hope, a new thriller from director Na-Hong Jin.

According to Deadline, the largely Korean-language film will follow “the residents of Hopo Port, where a mysterious discovery is made on the outskirts of the remote harbor town. Before long, the residents find themselves in a desperate fight for survival against something they have never encountered before.”

Hoyeon, who made her debut in Netflix’s “Suicide Squad”, will play a policewoman.

Real-life husband and wife Fassbender and Vikander will speak English in the film, which is currently in pre-production.

Korean producer-distributor Plus M Entertainment, owned by multiplex chain Megabox, is hatching the project.

Cinematographer Hong Kyung-pyo, of Parasite fame, is the DP.

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