‘Sicario 3’ in the works with one of the original stars attached to return

“It was pencils down, but the idea is awesome”.

The producers of Sicario have confirmed that a third film in the action-thriller franchise is in the works, with Benicio Del Toro reportedly attached to reprise the role of prosecutor-turned-assassin Alejandro Gillick.

Basil Iwanyk and Erica Lee tell The Messenger that the movie is in the works but they had to press pause on it because of the WGA strike.

Lee said, “When we can continue writing it. It was pencils down, but the idea is awesome”.

Iwanyk adds, “I could watch Benicio play that guy forever. I mean, I can watch Benicio in anything, but with that character, it doesn’t get old.”

No word on Josh Brolin’s involvement.

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