Sounds like another Predator movie is on the way…

‘Prey’ director speaks about sequel plans to ‘Prey’

Hot on the heels of those Emmy nominations, Prey director Dan Trachtenberg spoke to The Playlist about how far along an inevitable follow-up is.

While the filmmaker played coy he did express enthusiasm for the direction Prey 2 is taking.

“I can’t really say anything about that right now, but I’ll say while we were finishing the movie, we were having really exciting conversations. The studio, myself, the writer, and the producers about what crazy things could we do next. And I’ve never stopped, no one stopped thinking about how cool things could be going forward.”

While it’s likely the sequel will continue the adventures of Amber Midhunter’s young Comanche woman hunter there’s also the chance that Trachtenberg might bring Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘Dutch’ back from the original Predator. Or maybe he’ll combine both universes. Guess we’ll find out in due time.

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