Sounds like Elisabeth Shue is headed to Cobra Kai

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It was hinted at in its first season but seems the putty is starting to dry on an Elisabeth Shue appearance in “Cobra Kai”.

Shue, whose “Karate Kid” character Ali Mills hasn’t been seen but has been referenced (See below) on the YouTube Red series, could be back to help form a complicated triangle in the lives of Daniel (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny (William Zabka) in the new season.

The brass behind the show remain tight-lipped but a couple of choice words from co-creator John Heald in a recent interview suggests something could be happening.

“Ali is one of those characters from the movies and in this universe that is very, very important and very integral to the relationship and the rivalry and the dynamic and the history between these characters, and I can say no more than that,” the showrunner tells EW.

If Shue is indeed lined up to reprise her role from the 1984 film (she didn’t reprise her role for the 1986 sequel though Daniel mentioned Ally briefly – mostly in relation to the damage she’d done to his car), expect the series to save her until seasons end, just as they did with Martin Kove’s John Kreese.

Who else could “Cobra Kai” bring back from the “Karate Kid” series that we haven’t seen yet? Maybe Thomas Ian Griffith’s twisted Terry?, the sweet Jessica, played by Robin Lively? Or maybe the ‘Bad Boy of Karate’, Mike Barnes, played by Sean Kanan?

If Shue, an Oscar winner these days thanks to her head-turning performance in “Leaving Las Vegas”, is indeed keen to return to some of her past roles, she might also want to look into the “Cocktail” sequel that the film’s writer is trying to get off the ground and into the bar.

The 55-year-old actress, seen recently in “Death Wish” with Bruce Willis, next appears on the new Amazon series “The Boys”.

“Cobra Kai” returns to YouTube Red later in the year.

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