Stallone to star in Sheridan Mob Series, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

The actor is currently promoting his “Rocky vs. Drago” cut of “Rocky IV”


Now that “Samaritan” is in post, his cut of “Rocky IV” is out, and “The Expendables” series is behind him, Italian Stallion Sly Stallone is looking ahead to a couple of plum new projects.

Firstly, Stallone is teaming with “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan for a mob series.

According to JoBlo, Sly will return to “Avenging Angelo” territory for a new series that the actor and filmmaker says will be somewhat reminiscent of Barry Sonnenfeld’s “Get Shorty”.

“So this fella comes out of jail after 25 years and goes to Oklahoma to start a new mob, but everyone there is like a cowboy…a hippie…so it’s like a Get Shorty thing, but it’s also done by the same people that did The Sopranos, so it’s gonna have an edge.”

Stallone, who is also attached to a “Demolition Man” sequel, says the series would lens early next year.

“I thought this would be really interesting, to play this kind of guy who goes in there, trying to start a mob, but he’s not vicious, he’s not intimidating, it’s like Get Shorty 25 years later. So I’m looking forward to that. So it’s gonna be a good one too, great showrunner and everything.”

The show would run 10-episodes and begin filming in March or April.

Stallone is also committed to reprise his role Starhawk as for James Gunn’s third “Guardians of the Galaxy”, which has just commenced production in Atlanta Georgia.

The actor took to Instagram to announce his involvement in the Marvel Studios sequel.

Sly only had a brief role in the previous film in the series but this time around he’ll be a bonafide supporting player.

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