Stallone’s Cliffhanger sequel set for summer 2024 shoot

Based on a script by Mark Bianculli


The Sylvester Stallone-starring Cliffhanger sequel has snagged some €2m in funding from German production fund FFY Bayern with filming set to kick off in 2024 under the direction of Jean-François Richet.

The Mark Bianculli penned script sees “Stallone reprising his role as the ranger Gabriel “Gabe” Walker who is now living in the Dolomites where he runs an exclusive mountain lodge.

When Gabe and a high-profile client are taken hostage during an adventurous weekend trip, his daughter has to use all her climbing skills to outwit the kidnappers, triggering a battle of life and death”, says Screen Daily, who have the scoop.

Lars Sylvest and Thorsten Schumacher will produce alognside Neal H. Moritz and Toby Jaffe, Maze’s Philipp Kreuzer and Occupant’s Joe Neurauter.

The summer 2024 shoot will see cameras largely stationed in Bavaria – at the Penzing Studios and in Munich’s city centre.

Stallone has flirted with several sequels in recent times, including a new Rocky, Cobra, and Nighthawks.

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