Tarsem, Ryan Reynolds team for Selfless

Tarsem (“Immortals”, “Mirror Mirror”) looks set to direct Ryan Reynolds in “Selfless”, an Endgame/Film District co-production about an older man whose mind is transported into a younger man’s body.

Deadline says, “Turns out that body is a cadaver whose previous inhabitant was murdered. Soon, he’s hunted by killers as he tries to get to the bottom of who took him out in the first place. Tarsem most recently helmed Immortals and Mirror, Mirror, and this sounds like the kind of heady subject the visualist does well. Reynolds, coming off Safe House, grounds the film with a sympathetic protagonist.”

Sounds terrific!

Kate Hudson & Riz Ahmed

Casting : Stroll, Johansson, Epps, Dekker, Gyllenhaal, Minaj, Weaving, Speedman, Franco