Teaser trailer for ’80s sci-fi doco In Search of Tomorrow!

The team behind the upcoming ’80s horror documentary In Search of Darkness and ’80s action cinema documentary In Search of the Last Action Heroes are setting their phasers to pre-production on a sci-fi companion.

In Search of Tomorrow will delve into the rich and amazing catalogue of sci-fi films of the 1980s, offering fresh insights into beloved genre classics. The team explains:

“In Search of Tomorrow will be the most comprehensive retrospective of the 80s Sci-Fi movie genre ever made, and, we hope, our biggest and best project to date. Like our other projects, the completed documentary will be the ultimate resource for genre fans, packed with interviews that give a fresh perspective on the films we know and love.

We’ll be speaking to actors, directors, special effects maestros and writers to uncover untold stories and celebrate the unique and wonderful worlds they created. Topics we aim to cover include Sci-Fi’s impact on our culture, science, and technology; its use of pioneering SFX and epic miniatures; and of course, the incredible worldbuilding that helped bring these stories to life.”

In addition to the trailer, the team have unveiled a special program to assist in the creation of the documentary: the Advisor Circle. Genre fans can take part in the program to provide their insight into the films, join Q&A sessions with notable creators in the genre, livestream guest lectures and discuss films with other fans in a Digital Film Club.

More information on the doco and the Advisor Circle is available at their website.

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