The Dark Knight Set Visit : Lindy Hemming


I’m introduced to Lindy Hemming, the amazingly talented cosume designer on ‘The Dark Knight’ movie. She has an extensive, highly impressive amount of credentials, working on movies including ‘Four Weddings’, ‘Lara Croft: Tomb Raider’, Brosnan’s Bonds and Casino Royale, as well as ‘Batman Begins’. In a little workshop, on the ground floor, I’m surrounded by a large aray of disturbing looking face masks and all are Joker-esque.

I turn and I not only see The Joker’s costume, but also the Bat Suit.

Bowdrie: And when.. um do I get to try that on? I ask.

Lindy smiles and chuckles, which errupts into a coughing fit, forcing her to step outside the room. I hereby claim to be a non-comedian. My odd, often sarcastic humor predominantly entertains myself.

I step up close and eye up the Bat Suit. The black-gray suit is tough looking. I get an army, Special Ops, SAS type impression and feel the urge to Karate chop everybody out cold in the room and don the suit myself. It’s a true boys’ toy. As I move my face closer and contemplate on whether to actually sniff the Bat Suit, Lindy returns.

Bowdrie: Could the Bat Suit be made for a real crime fighter?

Lindy Hemming: That was the idea. Using the military as a starting point. The types of material the military actually use..

She mentions the name, but it escapes me, though I know it’s like kevlar.

Bowdrie: So how long would it take for Christian to put this suit on?

Lindy Hemming: It takes about 20 minutes to put on and Christian will wear it all day.

Bowdrie: It looks a little different to previous suits, but what are you able to tell me that’s new design-wise?

Lindy Hemming: Apart from it being tougher. It’s lighter and another new thing is the neck. It can move. He can now sit with everything on without his head on. His head gear.

Every part of the Bat Suit looks like a separate piece. Top, middle and bottom. I look at The Joker’s clothes and feel a little uncomfortable. I’ve not even seen any footage of this character, yet despite that, it sends off an eerie vibe. A disturbing, dark emotion. That’s obviously what they’re going for and will certainly, without a doubt achieve.

Bowdrie: What inspiration did you get when designing for The Joker?

Lindy Hemming: Ooh, Iggy Pop, John Lydon and Pete Docherty. It’s a punky, New Romantic feel.

It’s like the Artful Dodger from Hell feel to me.

Bowdrie: What kind of person would dress like that?

Lindy Hemming: Heath is.. I cannot.. He will be fantastic in this part. Um, it’s a 60’s feel.. A 70’s jacket.

Bowdrie: What can you tell us about the clown masks all around us?

Lindy Hemming: The Joker inhabits this lowlife world where he recruits criminals for his gang. They find an ancient box of masks which they play around with… Anyone can be in The Joker’s gang because you don’t know who is in it.

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