The Suicide Squad nearly killed off a major character

Nope, not Harley Quinn – WB would never allow that.

“The Suicide Squad” – the number one movie in town, despite the lackluster receipts – near killed off another major character in it’s final act.

Many will be glad to hear director James Gunn nixed this idea.

In an interview with Variety, Gunn spoke of the film’s original, darker ending – and how Daniela Melchior’s chances of appearing in a sequel were near quashed.

“The original ending that I pitched, one main character died and one main character did not die. And the main character who died was was Ratcatcher 2. She was so sweet, I just felt like it was just too dark. Not that we don’t love Polka Dot Man. We do. I just couldn’t [kill Ratcatcher 2]. So I relented.”

Assumingly, Melchior’s rodent-loving anti-hero will return for any sequel.

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