Tori Spelling coming to Smallville?

Former “90210” star snags job at Daily Planet

“90210” gazillionaire Tori Spelling has snagged/bought herself a role on TV hit, “Smallville”. According to TV Guide, the daughter of the late Aaron Spelling will play a gossip columnist on the hit CW show. Her character, a fellow employee of Chloe’s at the Daily Planet, will have the ability to turn into water.

“It’ll be our first episode back in January, and she’ll be kind of our villain of the week,” Exec producer Al Gough reveals. “She’ll be exposing the very big secrets that will be driving the second half of the season, and I can’t tell you any of them. Zero.”

Gough did reveal plans of a ‘Justice League’ subplot that will be heavy in the season.

“Episode 11, which is our second episode back in January, is going to be called “Justice,” and it’ll basically be our first look at the Justice League. We’re gonna have Green Arrow, Cyborg, Flash and Aquaman, who is coming back. That’s gonna be our first Justice League episode.”

And where exactly is Wonder Woman? “Ask Joel Silver,” Gough grumbles. “He’s the producer; he controls the movie rights. We’d do a whole Wonder Woman series if we had Wonder Woman, but Joss Whedon is writing the movie, so we can’t have her.”

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