Trailer : The Nudels of Nudeland

Yes, that’s the title – and it looks a hoot!

In a truly original story that is naked and not afraid, “The Nudels of Nudeland” sees two nudists exposed to the country of Nudeland!

The film, directed by and starring best-selling author and speaker Tim Chizmar, will be released on the film’s official site April 1.

To whet your appetite, a trailer has been released!

Meet TIM CHIZMAR, he’s loud and naked, in America that’s how you know he’s Tim Chizmar. Meet LUCZ PADILLA, she’s quieter, religious, and nude, she works at a designer fashion label company in Mexico. Their lives are turned upside-down when these two young nudists are deported to the country of NUDELAND where they can finally live with others that are not Clothes-minded. But even amongst the unique personalities and over-the-top characters (like a reverse Flasher running around) can our heroes ever truly get rid of the shame and anxiety inside and allow themselves to be free? Sure, nude isn’t lewd, but it can come with mental baggage.

Juliana Acosta, Jeremiah Benjamin, Julie Antti, and Adrienne Pearson star in a Tim Chizmar film.

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