TV Sneak : Charlene Amoia skates into new holiday film

Exclusive chat with the ‘How I Met Your Mother’ star

Credit : Charlene Amoia

Charlene Amoia, star of How I Met Your Mother and Sons of Thunder : Redemption, is back on the box November 5 as one of the leads in Gac TV’s A Royal Christmas on Ice.

In the film, also starring William Baldwin and Anna Marie Dobbins, a royal prince comes to New York and falls for a former Olympic star. The film marks the third time Amoia has worked with director Fred Olen Ray, explains the actress.

Congrats on the new film! what’s the title refer to? Or is that giving it all away?

Thank you so much! It’s a story about an ice skating champion who has closed herself off to love until she meets a charming, persistent prince who left his royal home to pursue life in accord with his true nature.

How did you snag such an amazing lead role? 

I’ve worked with the director Fred Olen Ray in two of his other films and we have a wonderful working relationship. It’s so nice when you find people you get along with and get to do the thing you love together.

Have you known people like your character? 

Yes, definitely. Essentially, I play the trusted and encouraging best friend who is there to support and nudge her in the right direction. Of course, I have people in my life like this and I have friends I do this for as well.

Did you have a backstory for her, even if it wasn’t in the script? 

Absolutely. I always do my best to flesh out the characters as much as I can before we start shooting. It’s part of the process I enjoy the most with acting.

How did the role come about?

From working with Fred previously, I think he knows my strengths as an actress and knew I could fit in this role pretty effortlessly. Funny enough, in the first movie I shot with him my character name was Janet just like in this movie. So maybe he just sees me as a Janet.

Tell us some of the stars that influenced you in your youth.

I was a huge Johnny Depp fan growing up. Watched all his movies and read any book I could find on him. Once I found out he was a big fan of the book Catcher in the Rye so I then went and read all of J.D. Salinger books. Hahaha. So I would have to say he’s the actor who influenced me the most as a young girl.

Is this a genre you’d like to do more? In these times, there really is a need for films families can watch together.

I agree! My favorite thing to do is anything comedic, hands down, especially physical comedy! But I also enjoy any story that ultimately inspires and brings hope to an audience.

Let’s talk a little about your TV work. Would you say it was HIMYM  that led to all these wonderful roles? Was that the beginning for you?

I do think it was around the time that I got the role on How I Met Your Mother that I started to have some wonderful momentum in my career.

And the series’ popularity only increases thanks to streaming. Have you discovered new fans of Wendy, thanks to streaming? Do you get recognized for the part still?

Funny enough, I met a couple people today as I’ve been roaming around in Italy that told me they’ve been watching reruns of HIMYM and recognized me as Wendy. More often than not though, I have people tell me how familiar I look to them. Although, one time when I was in an airport, a young man told me I look like Wendy the Waitress from HIMYM and when I told him that was me he didn’t believe me. Hahaha.

Of all the roles you’ve played, what’s the closest to you?

Oh boy, that’s so hard to say. I try to bring something specifically vulnerable to me to every role I play. They all feel like different parts of me in different chapters of my life, really. Sorry to be so ambiguous but I love so many of them.

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