Twin Peaks Season 4 about to be announced!?

Will “Twin Peaks” return?

Never say never.

In fact, they’re David Lynch’s words, too.

Quite frankly, I don’t think anyone expected to see a season 3 of the landmark TV series — 25 years after ABC put a pin in the original run. So “never say never” would seem the best response.

There’s a lot of folks that would like to see Lynch & Mark Frost’s groundbreaking series return. For starters, Showtime – they saw a huge spike in subscriptions when they premiered “Twin Peaks : The Return” two years ago. They’ve also made a pretty penny on merchandise, not to mention continually keep the fan base alive with their social and online presence for the 2017 revival. Of course they want more “Twin Peaks” — and it’s likely they’ve been trying to entice Lynch & Frost into writing more since the end of that first, critically acclaimed run.

Lynch has been non-committal. Sure, he’s said he may be interested in telling more of Carrie Page’s story (that’s Laura Palmer in the alternate timeline), but he’s also said it would take years to put together.

Basically, it didn’t seem like it was something he was “that” keen on, not at this point in time anyway.

The fans, rabid bunch we are, would kill for more. Sure, we’ve sadly lost many beloved and pivotal cast members since “The Return” aired, but there’s also a lot of other new and exisiting characters we could follow instead (as Lynch suggested, Carrie Page) as well as storyline’s, not necessarily connected to the previous seasons, that might work.

Over the past week there’s been quite a few rumours regarding a fourth season of “Twin Peaks” – and quite frankly, I still don’t know if they warrant mention. I’ve only now decided to give this ink because of the sheer armour of different sources – as opposed to just the one website – that have come out, claiming to have intel on a new season. Further, none of the official brass are denying the reports – as they usually would – so it’s possible there is something brewing.

It started a few days back when the following twitter account started dropping hints that another season was on the way. If you look back, seems they’re quite reputable. They don’t seem to post unless it’s to yak about something of note, let alone legit.

Then We Got This Covered picked up the story. According to their sources, Showtime wants more. Yeah.. whatever. I think we know that’s a given.

So, yes, even at this stage I’m not convinced the Blue Rose task force is back in business.

Then, actor Michael Horse – who plays Deputy Hawk on the series – dropped the following on Instagram.

Ok, now I’m intrigued.

Not only does Horse rarely post anything “Twin Peaks” on his Instagram, but that’s a very specific post.

What could he be hinting about?

So is “Twin Peaks” returning for 2020?

A couple of days ago I would’ve said, unlikely. Today, I say there is a fair chance we’ll be getting… something. As to what, I don’t know.

But I’m excited… especially when you consider Showtime announced “Twin Peaks” Season 3 on October 6, 2014. 

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