10 Breaking Bits : Goon 2, Thor 2, Miss Most Likely, Vamps & more

1. Thomas Hardy is to direct “Far from The Madding Crowd”, a three suitors of Bathsheba Everdene “Gabriel Oak, a shepherd; Sergeant Troy, a handsome soldier; and William Boldwood, a farm owner.” Carey Mulligan (“Wall Street : Money Never Sleeps”, “Drive”) is wanted for lead female role.

2. Jay Baruchel has confirmed that a sequel to hockey comedy “Goon” is in the works. “GOON 2 will be written by @jessechabot and myself. Evan Goldberg will be involved as a producer and we will all be working our asses off to make as awesome a flick as possible. Please know this: GOON is pretty close to sacred for all of us involved and we would only be entertaining the idea of continuing the saga if we were all equally convinced that Doug, Laflamme, Stevesy, the Russians, Rolie, Ogilvy Belchy and Eva were only getting started. We will give them and you guys the epic, violent, heartfelt awesomeness that is not just deserved but required. HIGH. LAND. ERS.” Michael Dowse will return to write the sequel.

3. Richard Brake and Clive Russell have joined the cast of Marvel Studio’s “Thor : The Dark World”.

4. The first trailer for “Vamps” starring Alicia Silverstone and Krysten Ritter is online. The movie goes DTV & VOD in November.

5. The Weinstein Company has picked up the distribution rights – in the states – to Lee Daniel’s “The Butler”.

6. You have to check out this terrific “G.I Joe” fan film, “GI Joe: Initiate” is said to be the first of four episodes being independently produced by some die-hard fans of the brand. Take note Paramount!

7. New Posters for “Les Miserables” and “The Hobbit” have come online.

8. Baz Luhrmann has signed a plum two-year deal with Sony Pictures Television to produce broadcast and cable projects.

9. Teri Polo and Sherri Saum are onboard ABC Family’s “The Fosters”, a new series from butt wiggling musician cum producer Jennifer Lopez.

10. Mandy Moore sitcom “Miss Most Likely” has landed at ABC. The show fixes on “the first 28-year-old to run away from home to the big city so she can finally start the life she’s always wanted. Unfortunately for her, her family decides to run away with her.”

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