Watch the teaser trailer for Carrie now!

The very effective teaser trailer for “Carrie” – featuring Chloe Moretz in a role made famous on the big screen in the ‘ 70s by an unforgettable Sissy Spacek – that premiered at New York Comic Con this past weekend has now also been available to witness online.

Despite which side you fall on as far as whether or not a remake (or another interpretation of Stephen King’s book – the book did, after all, come before the original movie, so it could be argued that this isn’t a remake at all) should exist, you can’t argue it is a really good teaser trailer.

“Carrie” also stars the terrific Julianne Moore (as Carrie’s mother; previously played in the first filmed version by Piper Laurie), Aussie Alex Russell (“Bait 3D”), Judy Greer (“Arrested Development”) and Portia Doubleday (“Youth in Revolt”), and is directed by Kimberly Peirce of “Boy’s Don’t Cry” fame.

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