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What next, a Mon Mothma cooking show?

Or maybe a late-night talk show hosted by Lumpy the Wookie? that could work..

Disney’s new streaming service already has a couple of new “Star Wars” shows on its to-do list (“The Mandalorian”, which Jon Favreau is involved in, just wrapped it’s first season) but fearing that won’t be enough, they’ve decided to give every character in Steve Sansweet’s “Star Wars Encyclopedia” their own 60-minute series.

Or so it seems.

Today, reports that not only will Han Solo will get his own series (it’ll pick up after the events of the lackluster performing “Solo” movie from last year) but both Finn and Poe, from the recent trilogy, are too. And only because there’s 24 hours in a day, and one of those hours isn’t filled with either a “Star Wars” or Marvel series at this stage, there’s talk of a Lando series too.

Wait…news just in. Qi’Ra, the broad in “Solo”, played by “Game of Thrones”‘ Emilia Clarke, she may be getting her own show too.

So, just to recap : we have Solo, Finn, Poe, Lando and Qi’Ra Princess of Power all potentially getting their own boob tube offerings at Disney+.

When will we break to eat!?

Via ‘We Got This Covered‘, Skyler Shuler.


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