What to do this summer : Universal Studios

Put an Australian in LA and it’s a little embarrassing, the “G’Day Mates” you get from staff makes us feel a little bit bogan but hey.. it’s a small price to pay to be in the heart of film and television! While Queensland offers Hollywood on the Gold Coast, California offers the actual Hollywood, and if you don’t visit in the midst of summer – it’s safe to say you’re missing out!

With that said, Moviehole have hit the main attractions in LA to bring to you the best of the best to spend your summer doing! First up, let’s look at…

Universal Studios

From rollercoasters, to shows, to a world famous studio tour, there’s literally something for everyone at Universal Studios. Whether you’re a film buff or a thrill ride lover, you cannot miss the attractions that the theme park has to offer.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a great start – stroll through the cobblestoned streets of Hogsmeade and pick up a glass of Butterbeer, before visiting Ollivander’s to pick up the perfect wand. You can choose a furry friend to have as a pet at The Owl Post, and stock up on the sugary stuff at Honeydukes. Be sure to climb aboard Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, and fly the skies alongside Harry and co, while facing all sorts of mystical creatures. The Flight of the Hippogriff is a fun ride for rollercoaster fanatics, speeding along through the pumpkin patch.

If you’re looking for more fun experiences, the newest to open at Universal is Jurassic World – The Ride. A thrill ride to remember, Jurassic World is your chance to live with the dinosaurs – even for just a short period of time. Come face-to-face with the famous Blue the Velociraptor and a Triceratops at the Raptor Encounter, and let the littlies run wild at Dino-Play. Don’t leave without visiting the cafe and rocking some new dino-apparel from Jurassic Outfitters.

On the topic of thrill rides, Universal Studios has a number of fun rides that really are fun for all ages. The Mummy Ride: for those looking for a fast-paced rollercoaster, or The Simpsons Ride: for those who want something fun but perhaps a little bit easier on the heart (or if you don’t want to change your pants). You’ll also get to explore the little town of Springfield while in the area, so check out the Duff beer guys,

If you like a milder experience, don’t miss the shows that Universal has. Check out the animal show and be impressed and the trained cuties – including cats, seriously?! Who can train a cat!? WaterWorld gives you a glimpse at the impressive behind-the-scenes stunts that create movies: explosive effects and impressive stunts, all on water!

Of course for the film-buffs among us – that’s why we’re here, right? – you cannot miss the World Famous Studio Tour. If you’re lucky you might get to see an actual film set – “The Good Place” was filming as we made our way through the backlot – but regardless you’ll see New York City, Mexico and a Subway station, all without leaving the backlot. King Kong will come at you in 3D, and you’ll also get a glimpse at some “Fast and Furious” action, not to mention the part where Jaws comes out of the water: those who have seen “Mallrats” will get the reference. Along with the great commentary, you’ll get some entertainment from Jimmy Fallon on the screens in the tour bus.

This is only a drop in the ocean of what you can see at Universal Studios – so do not miss out on going this summer, while the sun is out and the weather is just perfect!

Universal Studios is open daily from 9am-10pm over the summer. Moviehole attended as a guest of Universal Studios.

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