What went wrong with the Elm Street remake?

With the 2010 reboot unlikely to spawn sequels, the writer of the Jackie Earle Haley-starring “A Nightmare on Elm Street” has confidently taken taken to Twitter to open up about why the film stank like a three-day-old rat on a porch welcome mat.

Eric Heisserer, whose screenplay for the film ”Arrival” earned him a Best Adapted Screenplay nomination at the 89th Academy Awards in 2016, got his big break writing a remake of the classic Wes Craven film six years prior. With no sway back then, the then-newcomer had to simply sit back and witness his script be torn by to shreds by director Samuel Bayer, who clearly didn’t share the then newcomer’s vision for the film and seemingly ignored most of the beats, and entire sequences.

“the draft that we thought was going to be shot was different in many ways, some big and some subtle”, the writer said, responding to a question by Bloody Disgusting, on Twitter. “This happens a lot, but I still have memories of arriving to set and recognizing nothing from the script on the shooting schedule.”

Heisserer went on to give examples, including a creative dream sequence set in a moving vehicle that he thought would really hit.

Furthermore, the film – which the studio ultimately had billed as a ‘sequel’ – was intended as an out-and-out remake, says Heisserer, but billing it otherwise meant they didn’t have to credit Wes Craven for the story and characters.

Despite rumors that Robert Englund might be being prepped to return for a final sequel to the Craven “Elm Street” series, the wordsmith believes a new ‘remake’ is the way to go.

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