Which Twister cast members are returning for sequel?

”…..there is no need to keep asking if I am involved in the sequel”

Universal Pics

Universal announced this week that the long-rumoured Twister sequel, officially titled Twisters, is a go with production due to begin this spring. Universal and Warner Bros are co-financing, with Frank Marshall producing.

While a director hasn’t been set – candidates are said to include Prey’s Dan Trachtenberg and Jimmy Chin & Elizabeth Chai (Joseph Kosinski had flirted with the project but his interest must have waned) – it’s believed original star Helen Hunt will return for the film. Focus this time though will be on her and late co-star Bill Paxton’s on-screen daughter, now also storm chasing.

As for other original players  – the cast of the 1996 hit also included Alan Ruck, Cary Elwes, the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jami Gertz, Todd Field, Joey Slotnick, Rusty Schwimmer, Jeremy Davies, and Sean Whalen – returning for seconds, that’s still to be seen.

Sean Whalen, who played Allan Sanders in the Jan de Bont directed original, tells Facebook followers that he doesn’t know if he’s returning.

“TWISTER SEQUEL: I am so grateful to have been a part of this original movie. It has helped me travel to places I never would’ve gone to and to meet hundreds of people I never would’ve met. That said, there is no need to keep asking if I am involved in the sequel. I wouldn’t know for months and if I was involved they probably wouldn’t let me tell you anyway. I am assuming they will pick maybe a few original people and I may or may not be one of them. Obviously, I would love to be a part of it, But it’s all good. I’m just happy to be part of the Twister original.”

Via ‘Deadline‘, ‘Sean Whalen Facebook

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