Yellowstone : Costner out, McConaughey in!?

The series as we know it could be ending…

Yellowstone, as we know it, ending!?

God no!

Breaking news from Deadline today that, a kerfuffle with Kevin Costner over scheduling difficulties, seems to have led to the cancellation of the hit Paramount+ series.

Costner, you see, is prepping to shoot his epic new movie western Horizon and only wanted to give the network a week of his time to shoot the upcoming fifth season. Unfortunately, Paramount wanted ‘John Dutton’ in a lot more of the season than whatever a week with the actor behind the show’s patriarch would’ve allowed.

Solution? Finish this current show and instead move onto a new Yellowstone series that would port over some of the characters and bring in a new character played by Matthew McConaughey. Paramount isn’t talking but sounds to me like the old ‘Roseanne is now The Conners’ route’ is their solution?

Stay tuned…

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