Michael Shannon gives a soul-stirring performance

Obviously the movie is going to mostly appeal to fans of Osbourne and Black Sabbath

The screenplay is very true to the book

Look no further than the session times for it

More of a visually opulent experience than your standard narrative piece

Pacino shows up to make things interesting

There is plenty of slashing, stabbing and slicing

The Aussie will play Zach Galifianakis' brother

There's a few things missing Courteney Cox's latest sitcom

An engrossing, interesting and loud movie experience

"Snow White & The Hunstman" artwork revealed

The doco's strength lies in it's conception

Funny to its core and filmed in gloriously rendered, over the top 3D

Remake of Nicolas Winding Refn's breakthrough film

Often resembling the halfhearted antics of a DTV sequel


All emphasis is back on either the romance or the ridiculous

Collette is so good here

An outstanding barrage of extras here

Pretty slick series but one that's starting to wear out its welcome

Skillfully acted but lacking in plot points

The concept is what really makes the film

An abundance of action sequences and pretty cinematography make it a good one for the kids

take that money and go rent “Jaws"

Spooky haunted house style thrills

If only it were a documentary, it might've even found an audience

Simon Baker is great in this unique procedural

one heck of a don't-go zone, guys

Depp seems a lot livelier, and his character a lot more interesting

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Lionsgate and CBS Films have slated  “Hell or High Water" to release in August in the US. The film will first open on August 12 in...
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