Alec Baldwin and Wayne Kramer reunite for Caught Stealing

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin gave one of his finest-tuned performances in recent years via Wayne Kramer’s “The Cooler”, so it’s cooler than Frozen Fanta to hear the duo are getting back together for another go-round. Baldwin, as well as “Conjuring” star Patrick Wilson, are heading up Kramer’s newie “Caught Stealing”.

Based on a Charlie Huston novel, the movie will feature Baldwin as a sadistic cop.

Says THR :

Wilson will play Hank Thompson, a hotshot high school baseball prospect turned unlucky alcoholic, going-nowhere bartender who mistakenly gets caught up in a bloody treasure hunt through New York City. It turns out that the cat Hank’s neighbor left in his care is sitting on a secret. Hidden at the bottom of its cage is a key wanted by a sadistic cop (Baldwin), Russian mobsters, a Samoan hit man and a pair of psycho brothers who dress in leather gear.

“I was blown away by the intensity and dark humor of Charlie Huston’s debut novel when I first read it several years ago. Caught Stealing has all the ingredients for a heart-pounding thriller and I’m excited to be part of the great team that is bringing it to the screen,” Kramer said.

Kirk D’Amico’s Myriad Pictures are pimping the film at AFM.

“We are very excited to be working on this wild ride of a feature film with Wayne. His energy and his skill as a filmmaker make him the perfect director for this unique material”, said D’Amico.

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