Batman meeting with The Joker!

The Caped Crusader is in Toronto – either for donuts, to watch a hockey game, or to do a cameo in “Suicide Squad”. Needless to say, everyone with a keyboard and a WordPress account is convinced “Batman v Superman” star Ben Affleck’s flown into town to do a cameo in Batman spin-off flick “Suicide Squad”. I guess they want it to be true. Content is king. Adsense loves trendy words. Plus, it would be cool to see Batman mix it up with The Joker (in this case, Jared Leto channeling Adam Ant) again.

As I type away, the updates are coming in… and more and more evidence points to Affleck actually being on the set of David Ayer’s “Suicide Squad”. Yes, he’s probably only filming the one scene, but seems Shannon Hamilton (that’s one for your Mallrats!) will definitely be bringing his snazzy sense of style to The Joker’s playground.

Speaking of “Suicide Squad”, that image released last week of Leto as The Joker? That’s not how he’s going to look – for starters, he won’t even be brandishing the flesh art. From what I’ve been told (and now‘s sources have confirmed) the tattoo’s on The Joker were carved/Photoshopped onto him specifically for the photo – just to trumpet the 75 year old history of the character.

Ben Affleck as Batman in "Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice"
Ben Affleck as Batman in “Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice”
Jared Leto
Jared Leto

So, no, the guy won’t be walking around with a tattoo that says “Damaged” on his head (that would be a bit on the nose!) or be promoting the Cheshire Kat via his elbows.
JoBlo’s source says “the Joker image everybody is talking about isn’t a genuine image and doesn’t match up with how he looks on set. He’s missing scars (which we reported on a while back as mementos from his history with Batman) and the grill/teeth are a kind of WTF addition to the image. Our source elaborates that he’s scarred on his back and arms and his skin is definitely whiter than what we see below. The tattoos are brand new if even real, and may have been added to cover up the areas where his scars will be.”

The good news is, none of that matters because the Joker will be wearing a bright yellow Paddington-style coat in the movie.

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