Briefs : More films delayed, Dempsey returns for sequel, Galaxy Quest 2,D&D, Promos

Tim Allen says the long-proposed sequel to “Galaxy Quest” derailed when co-star Alan Rickman passed away-but he’s hopeful the film might still come to fruition one day.

“It’s a fabulous script, but it had a hiccup because the wonderful Alan Rickman passed. So it all got very sad and dark because [the script] was all about [Lazrus] and Taggart. It was all about their story. It doesn’t mean they can’t reboot the idea, and the underlying story was hysterical and fun.

I haven’t reached out to anybody in the last week, but we talk about it all the time. There is constantly a little flicker of a butane torch that we could reboot it with. Without giving too much away, a member of Alan [Rickman]’s Galaxy Quest family could step in and the idea would still work.”



Patrick Dempsey has confirmed he’ll reprise his role as Robert Philip in the “Enchanted” sequel “Disenchanted” for Disney+.  The former “Grey’s Anatomy” actor told GMA that he’s “just got this script for the second movie, and then I’m starting to go through and get notes together”. [More…]


Derek Kolstad, writer for the “John Wick” franchise, will write and develop a series pitch based on “Dungeons & Dragons”.  Kolstad is “expected to craft a story that will capture crucial aspects of the franchise through a live-action lens.” [More…]


More release date changes!

  • “Godzilla vs. Kong” will now debut on March 26 instead of May 21.
  • “The Boss Baby : Family Business” has moved from March 26 to September 17.
  • Sopranos prequel “The New Saints of Newark” has been pushed from March 12 to Sep 24, 2021.
  • “No Time to Die” may be moved to late 2021; it was originally due to open in April.


Promos for HBO Max’s upcoming 2021 slate, as well as one for NBC Comedy “Young Rock”, have been released :

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