Bryan Cranston on potential Breaking Bad return : “I’d look at it”

The actor reprised Walter White for Netflix movie “El Camino”


Bryan Cranston may have retired Walter White but that doesn’t mean he can’t be enticed to resurrect the character – just as he did for the recently released El Camino movie spin-off – for a new “Breaking Bad” movie or series, if a good idea should present itself.

“Never underestimate Vince Gilligan,” Cranston tells Awards Radar, who didn’t expect to be reprising White for the Netflix movie El Camino, so he’s never saying never.

“Then El Camino came up,” Cranston recalled. “‘Oh, I guess I’m gonna be Walter White again.’ And then Better Call Saul came up, ‘Oh, I guess I’m gonna be on,’…and then PopCorners commercial comes up. ‘You guys want to play it together?’ ‘Sure!’ It’s just fun. So now I’d be a fool to say, ‘Yeah, we’re done.’”

The actor just isn’t up for reprising the role if it’s for the sake of a few bucks.

“But if there was something that he woke up from a dream, and went, ‘Oh my God,’ and he pitched me on it, and I too, had the ‘Oh my god’ reaction, then I’d look at it,” the thesp said. “It’s not often that you get an ‘Oh my god’ reaction when you read or hear a pitch. If you’re stunned and astonished by something, you should pay attention. So, if that happens – I don’t assume that will – but if that ever did, I’d listen.”

Cranston also reprised the role of White in an episode of “Better Call Saul” last year and in a commercial.

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