CinemaCon : Sony panel unveils Bullet Train footage, El Muerto movie & more!

Breaking News from Vegas


In addition to revealing news on further “Venom” and “Ghostbusters” sequels, Sony used CinemaCon to unveil new footage and trailers for other upcoming fare as well as make some other cool announcements.

Here’s a summary :

Across the Spider-Verse Part 1 : Sony showed off an early, unpolished look at a sequence from the upcoming sequel.

Says Deadline :

Footage is set on Earth 65 with Hailee Steinfeld’s Spider Gwen meeting a Spider-Man from another dimension, Miguel O’Hara voiced by Oscar Isaac. They’re swooped up on a bird which O’Hara battles. Issa Rae’s Jessica Drew shows up to join in the fight on a motorcycle. She’s a friend of O’Hara’s. A helicopter falls from the sky and Gwen and O’Hara use their webs to prevent from falling and creating further damage.

Gwen encounters her cop father, and she tells him that she “didn’t murder Peter.” “Do you really think I’m a murderer? I am your daughter.” Gwen’s dad begins reading her her miranda rights.

Footage segues to Miles Morales’ version of Earth. His parents and him are meeting with his principal at school. His Spidey senses are set off and he leaves. The principal voiced by Rachel Dratch tells his mother, “Your son is lying to you. And I think yo know it.”

Bullet Train: The first reel of the Brad Pitt starrer was unveiled.

Says Deadline :

In the opening, we see Brad Pitt aka Ladybug getting a cell phone call from a mysterious female voice giving him an assignment as he strolls the alleys of Tokyo. He heads to a subway locker to retrieve sleeping powder, fireworks, however he leaves a gun behind. He then boards a bullet train, on which an enigmatic gentleman boards. That guy winds up getting tazed by King’s Prince.

On the train we meet Taylor-Johnson’s Tangerine and Henry’s Lemon who in flashbacks are talented and stylish assassins. Ladybug walks through the train and retrieves a briefcase that apparently belongs to Tangerine and Lemon. Before exiting he encounters Bad Bunny’s knife wielding killer, who Ladybug fends off with the steel case.

El Muerto : Bad Bunny is set to play El Muerto in another “Spider-Man” Universe film for the studio.

George Foreman Biopic : Sony showed off a new clip from their April 2023 biopic.

The Woman King : Viola Davis showed off the first trailer for her new film.

Says Deadline :

In the trailer, Davis is leading a tribe as White settlers arrive on the coast. Nanisca tells her tribe that the settlers “won’t stop until the whole of Africa is theirs.”

“You’re asking me to take them to war,” says John Boyego’s King Ghezo to Nanisca.

“Some things are worth fighting for,” she answers.

“I offer you a choice: fight or we die,” she screams at her tribesmen, “We fight for our ancestors, we fight for the future.”

CinemaCon : Venom 3 coming!

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