Comic-Con : Cobra Kai Season 3 reveals; Okinawa and more!

At this afternoon’s panel for YouTube’s “Cobra Kai”, fan questions – not surprisingly – weighed heavily on whether or not Ali Mills, played by Elisabeth Shue in the original 1984 film, would appear in the show’s upcoming third season.

Shue hasn’t played the role of Daniel LaRusso’s love interest since John G.Avildsen’s original “Karate Kid” but her character has been referenced fairly heavily on the sequel series, which recently concluded its second season on the streamer.

While the show’s producers, along with cast members Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, refused to answer the ‘will she or won’t she?’ question, they did raise the hopes of fans with their cheeky ‘we’ll be non-comittal’ answers, even refusing to answer a question about whether or not they’ll be meeting up with Shue at Comic-Con, where she’s promoting her new series “The Boys”.

A betting man might lay down money on a Shue appearance very soon – –  it’s just possible some i’s need to be dotted and some t’s crossed before an announcement can be made though.

What the producers could confirm for season 3 was the return of Okinawa, the birth place of Pat Morita’s Mr Myiagi.

In 1986’s “The Karate Kid Part II”, Daniel LaRusso tagged along with his mentor to his home.

Daniel will return to the portal between Japan and the tropics, for a little r and r, and to help get himself back on track.

Might that mean a possible reunion between LaRusso with old flame Kumiko, played by Tamlyn Tomita?

Further ahead, there’s also the possibility we might either see – or at least hear of – Julie Pierce, the character played by Hilary Swank in “The Next Karate Kid”.

The show’s producers confirmed that Julie is indeed part of this world and hinted that we might get an update on her in the future.

As far as the producers are concerned, everything but the animated “Karate Kid” series – which they admit makes some questionable choices – is considered canon so the possibilities are rather endless.

For those anxiously awaiting a home video release of the two seasons of “Cobra Kai”, the producers suggested that things are looking good for a DVD and/or Blu-ray release in the future.

We hope to snag some cast over the weekend so we can bring you more “Cobra Kai” juice over the next week.

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