The Dark Knight Set Visit : Aaron Eckhart


It was raining. Not cats and dogs, but journos from around the world, but I was in good, familiar hands. The safe hands of the WB. One Warner-ette asked if I was OK with the ‘group thing’. I raised an eyebrow, ala Roger Moore’s Bond, though she was referring to being part of a group of journalists. What is the collective term for a group of journalists? Pack? Shoal? Cackle? Probably a ‘Bitter of Hacks’ is more suiting, as I sit amongst a few I have crossed paths (and swords) with many times over the years.

Our coach was stuck and had to do a three-point turn manoeuvre near the Sofitel St. James hotel. This was a fortunate uncertain diversion, as we were able to make a brief meet with Aaron Eckhart, who plays HARVEY DENT / TWO FACE in The Dark Knight movie.


We’re briefed as not to mention the death of a crew member, which happened recently. We’re then led into a boardroom where an impressive table is sited. All that was missing was a loot player and a banquet to feast on.

Aaron Eckhart (AE) enters the room/ He’s casually dressed and sits opposite me. He’s tired and although as friendly as hell, he could appear to some as weirded out by the whole operation of this Batman mission. I mean who wouldn’t be? This is a super huge scale pump action king of a movie.

Aarron Eckhart: Hi, London.

Bowdrie: Hey. – Have you been to London before?

AE: Mm, yeah, I went to High School. Spent 4 years in London.

He sips his tea, eyeing over the Bitter of Hacks before him, though looking at me after each question is asked, whether I ask it or not.

He’s asked what stage he is at.

AE: I’m on the suicidal stage. Nearing the end of the movie. It’s the biggest movie I’ve worked on.

Like I said, no surprise there. Aarron was a genuine, natural and grateful guy.

Bowdrie: What are you able to tell us about the character you play in The Dark Knight?

AE: I play Harvey Dent who is the District Attorney of Gotham City. Er.. Harvey Dent is a very good guy. A judicious guy. For the people. An aly of Bruce Wayne. Um… We know.. you all know he er.. Two Face is er…

He’s hesitant and chuckles, but so do the geeky journos. Yes, we know Harvey Dent becomes Two Face.

AE: (continued) To think what Batman was then and what it is today, well… I think Harvey Two-Face has a code and his code is killing people for reasons that will remain secret. Um…

Aarron seems awkward as to what he’s permitted to say, but clearly hints that Two Face is more of a vigilante like Batman. We get the impression Harvey Dent is very close to Bruce Wayne and there could possibly be a love-triangle between them and the Rachel Dawes character played by Maggie Gyllenhaal (replacing Katie Holmes).

Bowdrie: Did you have to spend a long time in make-up?

I took a shot and seeing from the smirk forming upon his face, he knew full well it was a shot to reveal whether Two Face was going to have Joker-esque hideous facial scarring.

Aarron Smiles, sipping his tea, saying ‘mmm’.

Bowdrie: Are you looking forward to having an action figure of yourself?

AE: I don’t know if I have one… er.. I er.. That’d be.. strange.

I ask if he’s seen the coin his character will have in the movie.

AE: I’ve seen the coin. I’ve used the coin.

Bowdrie: The coin is an iconic, significant piece to Two Face’s costume.

AE: (nodding, smirking) Ah ha. Mm.

He sips more tea.

Despite the interview being a plus, it was a short visit and time was a major factor. We were soon back on board the coach and heading for the set itself.

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