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Deadwood movie filming!

The f*ckin “Deadwood” movie is underway, c*cksuckers!

HBO has added wheels to the wagon, setting the feature adaption of the TV ‘classic’ towards the cinematic prairie. The film, originally* due 2019 on the cabler, is now filming under the direction of Daniel Minahan and, no doubt, a crate of quality Oak Aged American whiskey.

Returning thesps for the big-screen outing include Ian McShane, Timothy Olyphant, Molly Parker, Paula Malcomson, John Hawkes, Anna Gunn, W. Earl Brown, Dayton Callie, Brad Dourif, Robin Weigert, William Sanderson, Kim Dickens and Gerald McRaney. Jade Pettyjohn (“School of Rock”) is playing a new character, Caroline.

The flick, set 10 years after the events of season three (which concluded 12 years ago), finds the characters reuniting to celebrate South Dakota’s statehood. Former rivalries are reunited, alliances are tested and old wounds reopened, with everyone navigating the inevitable changes time and modernity have wrought.

“Deadwood” creator David Milch mightn’t be behind the camera, but he did write the script, so all signs suggest fans will be happy. If they’re not, feed them to the pigs, I say..

*it’s getting started too late to be ready for 2019, no!?

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