My Suicide Squad was “amazing”, says David Ayer

The original script, penned by “End of Watch” helmer Ayer, was a drama about second chances and redemption

2016’s “Suicide Squad” was rubbish. I think we can all admit that freely. If we could see them via webcam as they read this story, cast and crew are likely nodding their heads in agreement.

Sounds like, at least according to its director, that the studio ruined the film. Quick to catch up to reigning champs Marvel, DC/Warner Bros tinkered with that film like a baby chews its rattle – ultimately resulting in something nobody wanted to touch afterwards.

Apparently the studio retooled the film so it more closely resembled Marvel’s “Deadpool”. That wasn’t what the film was supposed to be. The original script, penned by “End of Watch” helmer Ayer, was a drama about second chances and redemption. Didn’t see much of that in the released version did we?

After Zack Snyder got his shot to re-cut equally-loathed DC/WB pic “Justice League” into something more palatable via HBO Max, fans started rallying for David Ayer’s “Suicide Squad” to get the same treatment. And though the list of names on the petition biggens with every day, there’s no indication that Warner Bros, or its streaming platform, have any plans to give in to this one (then again, it took Snyder fans a few years to convince the studio we deserved a ‘SnyderCut’ of “Justice League”, so there’s still time).

With “The Suicide Squad” reboot garnering incredible early buzz, and shaping up to be one of the best-reviewed tentpoles of the year, focus has again turned to Ayer’s predecessor with his fan brigade clamoring HBO Max to release a ‘Director’s Cut’.

Ayer responded to the outcry today, noting that there is a beautifully-realized version of the film in his possession but he wouldn’t tag it a ‘Director’s Cut’.

Here’s the Tweet :

My advice? keep on ’em, fans – they might just cave in.

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