Dicks Review : a fun and raucous Parent Trap

The cast is top shelf, and you can never go wrong when you have Nathan Lane and Megan Mullally in a musical.

Imagine being young, handsome and, um, well equipped. You’d sing about it, wouldn’t you? I know I would! You’d think you had the world on a string. Now imagine you just discovered you have a twin. It could happen.

Craig (Sharp) and Trevor (Jackson) are both living the good life, excelling both professionally and personally. The one thing neither has, and desires, is a family. Though they live a few doors apart, they are each unaware of the other until a department merger at their mutual employer pits them against each other to see who the best salesman in the company is. Noticing that there is a very strong resemblance with each other, the two eventually share enough personal details to discover they are twins, separated by their parents. One went to live with Dad (Lane) and the other with Mom (Mullally). Each parent has their own baggage that the lads must work through as they plot to get their folks back together.

Written by stars Sharp and Jackson, the film is directed by long time “Seinfeld” producer Larry Charles, whose directing credits include films like ”Borat” and “The Dictator” as well as multiple episodes of television shows “The Comedians” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” He knows his way around a punch line and he never allows the film’s humor to hit you over the head. It’s funny without screaming at you, ”Hey, laugh at this!”

The cast is top shelf, and you can never go wrong when you have Nathan Lane and Megan Mullally in a musical. I’ve seen them both on stage and that talent transfers easily to the big screen. Sharp and Jackson are fun to watch. They have a great chemistry with each other, and both are fine song and dance men. Supporting work by Megan Thee Stallion as the boy’s boss and Bowen Yang as God (yes, God) keep the fun going. And then, of course, there’s the Sewer Boys! The songs are well written and the musical numbers are well paced.

A fun, hilarious comedy, “Dicks: The Musical” is best described as “a fun and raucous Parent Trap.” And that’s a good thing.

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