Disney rebooting Gargoyles and John Carter

’80s animated series and Taylor Kitsch film get the redo treatment

Disney are reportedly looking at reviving fan-faves Gargoyles and John Carter.

The house of mouse, says Giant Freakin Robot, is turning the former into a live-action feature film with Murder on the Orient Express director Kenneth Branagh tapped to direct.

The film version of the 1980’s animated series “features a clan of gargoyles as heroes transplanted from the 10th century to the modern day. Back in the middle ages, most of the clan is killed while Goliath and a small group of other gargoyles are cursed to be frozen in stone until their castle somehow reaches above the clouds.Goliath and his comrades awaken in the twentieth century, after the wealthy David Xanatos buys the castle and has it transported to, and reconstructed atop, his New York City skyscraper. The gargoyles protect the city and its people, often dealing with various supernatural challenges as well as clashing with Xanatos”, per the site.

As for John Carter, last a feature film starring Taylor kitsch in the title role, John Carter is now being resurrected as a TV series. An Edgar Rice Burroughs creation, Carter first appears in the serialized 1912 novel A Princess of Mars. A veteran of the Confederacy, Carter finds himself transported to Mars while prospecting, and the environment of the Red Planet gives him superhuman abilities.

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