Doctor Who?

The current contenders list for Marvel’s “Doctor Strange” looks like follows, according to The Wrap :

Joaquin Phoenix – who we know Marvel wants, but he doesn’t seem to want Marvel. (Phoenix’s publicist contacted The Wrap after the article was published to let them know that the idea is “dead dead dead. A couple of weeks ago they mutually decided to part ways. It was over before the New York Film Festival.”)

Keanu Reeves – who has expressed semi-interest in interviews; he also worked with director Scott Derrickson on “The Day the Earth Stood Still”. Maybe the cheque could pay for “Bill & Ted 3”, Keanu?

Benedict Cumberbatch – just because.

Colin Farrell – seems that “True Detective” gig has erased Hollywood’s memory of that shit-awful “Total Recall” remake. “share, I’ll farken do ya nein moviez- if there’s a hot brood playing ma’ missus”.

There’s a few other names still in the mix to play the Sorcerer Supreme (sounds like a fast-food mascot, right?) including Oscar Isaac, Jared Leto, and Justin Theroux. Ryan Gosling’s name was also farted out by someone a few days back.

Always the same list of names for these movies though, right? Why can’t we open up a browser one day and see “Andrew Dice Clay, Rick Rossovich, and Randy Travis in mix for Doctor Strange lead”?

“Doctor Strange” is due on screens July 2016, so I imagine Marvel are going to want to lock someone into this bad boy pretty soon. Shit, I’ll do it – but I can’t film on Mondays.

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