Domain name registration leads to Boba Fett movie rumours!

You may remember a while back that rumours of a Boba Fett spin-off hit the internet, following an interview with director Joe Johnston at ScreenRant in which the “Captain America” filmmaker hinted at the possibility. Most laughed, chuffed and discarded the suggestion of a movie fixing on the popular “Star Wars” villain.

But did they giggle too soon?

Fusible tell us that they’ve discovered Lucasfilm buying up some domain names in recent weeks :

Lucasfilm is hinting at a new project called Star Wars: 1313, according to several domain names registered on May 2, 2012, through the brand protection agency Corporation Service Company. The registrations include names like StarWars1313 .com and SW1313 .com.

It’s more of a guess than a scoop but nonetheless if Joe Johnston, who actually worked on the original trilogy, were to come onboard such a picture it might just work.

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