Emily Blunt not keen on Fantastic Four role?

As far as the comics-ta-film movie forums are concerned, there’s only one duo who can bring Reed Richards and Sue Storm to life in the looming “Fantastic Four” redo.

Unfortunately, one half of that duo has reportedly yanked herself from contention

Along with husband John Krasinski, Emily Blunt was top tips to dibs the starring roles in the Marvel Studios adaptation.

While Krasinski’s interest remains unknown (though word is he has met with Marvel about the movie), one source suggests Blunt isn’t interested in wearing a ‘4’ on her chest.

“What I can confirm is that Emily Blunt has now ruled herself out of the running for Sue Storm in FF [Fantastic Four]”, a source tells UK site Small Screen..”She was in talks with Marvel but opted not to sign the deal with them because it would have been for multiple films. She didn’t want to have to put her family through that.”

“Things with Krasinski aren’t so clear. He has been in contact with Marvel for the role of Reed Richards. However, there still haven’t been any new developments”, the source adds. “Yet, Blunt turning down the Sue Storm role might be indicative of what could happen with Krasinski. The idea was to have both of them in the movie as Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman.”

John Krasinski

Marvel prez Kevin Feige announced in 2020 that a “Fantastic Four” reboot was in the works but the project has seemingly been freeze dried until the pandemic is over.

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