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Entourage ‘might’ return, says creator Doug Ellin

With Hollywood’s rediscovered fondness for nostalgia, no surprise that the cast and crew of HBO hit “Entourage” have been quizzed on whether a reboot is possible.

With a spike in viewing for the HBO comedy during the pandemic, and an “Entourage”-themed podcast chalking up a fat listenership, the cast and crew are seemingly ready to go again.

“Isn’t that just a great show for a pandemic,” Dillon said in an interview with ComingSoon in 2020. “I’ve been working on Doug for a long time and finally he said, ‘I would maybe consider a reboot of Entourage.’ Wouldn’t that be cool? All the actors want to do it as well.”

“I am considering my consideration,” Ellin responded on Instagram. “We are growing and the love for Entourage is definitely on the rise. I appreciate each and every one of you.”

So what’s the issue then!?

Things are a little iffy between Ellin and HBO, after the network passed on the hitmaker’s follow-up series.

“I’m going to become a successful businessman and then buy the rights to Entourage”, he said on the Victory! Podcast. “We’ll make a reboot after that. This world needs Entourage more than ever.”

On his Facebook page, Ellin has reiterated his interest in bringing Vinnie Chase and the gang back.

“It seems like during quarantine, Entourage has recaptured the magic with its fanbase, leading everyone to want additionall seasons. The show is picking up some additional exposure thanks to ‘Victory The Podcast,’Given the podcast talks, it seems like everyone is on board to reboot the show. The only hurdle at this point is the network. If the show continues to pick up steam with the fans, HBO might not have any choice but to reboot it. Or on the other hand, another network might step in. Either way, we might see a reboot.”

Aside from creating the series, Ellin was as executive producer, director, head writer and a supporting actor in the series. He also wrote, directed and produced its 2015 film adaptation.

Sounds like a similar situation to fellow HBO offering “Arliss”, which star Robert Wuhl mentioned a few days back that everyone, but the network, is onboard to bring back.

In an interview with The Production Meeting, Wuhl says the cabler haven’t shown much interest in bringing back their series.

“The problem there is HBO. I mean, they would have to give the go-ahead and so far they have not – and they will never sell; HBO’s policy is to hold onto all intellectual property. I wouldn’t say it’s dead totally but, you know, it’s on life support.”

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