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Exclusive : 10 Things We Learned About The Roswell Reboot

We were lucky enough to get a peek at the pilot script for the new take this week




In January we learned that The CW is resurrecting ‘90s hit “Roswell”. Based on a series of popular novels by Melinda Metz called Roswell High, the show will retell the yarn of a group of folks in Roswell, New Mexico – some human, some non-human.

We were lucky enough to get a peek at the pilot script for the new take this week – and fans of the original (of which I’m one) will be glad to hear that it does offer something new.

The new “Roswell” definitely isn’t the show Dido lend her lungs to fifteen years ago. This is, instead, a very adult and very topical update of the – let’s admit it – super entertaining TV series (sorry, but it’s gonna be hard to top). Main difference this time? Despite playing from the same songbook as the original novels and previous TV series in that it’s still about three aliens, disguised as humans, who are trying to conceal their secret, the main characters, those who were previously in high school in the original version, are a lot older. About ten years older. Surprising then, given the decision to have the mains be adults, that they didn’t just make the thing a sequel to the original series and bring back those original actors. Still, we can be fortunate they didn’t straight-up remake the original.

Roswell, USA 1999, Fox

Here’s 10 things we know about the new “Roswell” :

  1. The main extra-terrestrial trio are older in this version (all out of high school and in their twenties) : Max is a cop (though he wanted to be a writer in high school), Isobel is married (to Noah, who doesn’t know her secret) and they’re trying for a baby, and Michael, a tad indignant since high school, continues to hold onto a bit of a resentment (“brooding is my default setting”) that he’s never had a family.
  2. Liz Ortecho, a Mexican-American, was working on experimental regenerative medicine but the funding fell through so she’s now back at the Crashdown café, the same job she worked during high school.
  3. Same scenario: Max brings Liz into the circle, inadvertently, after he saves her life. They were high school lab partners but until now haven’t had a lot to do with each other.
  4. Liz isn’t too popular in town because of some deaths her sister is responsible for and the fact that her family are immigrants. Officer Evans goes into bat for her.
  5. Kyle is ‘Dr. Kyle Valenti’, a young GP who is back in Roswell – from Iowa – to finish his residency. Liz bumps into him at the hospital after her accident.
  6. Kyle’s father (William Sadler playing that part in the original) has passed in this incarnation.
  7. Michael and Maria, an eccentric wannabe clairvoyant from high school, have a past but it’s been over a long time. She’s still very concerned about him and – along with former classmate Alex – starts snooping around his property after they get detect high levels of Phenyl-2 there. What’s he up to?
  8. Isobel isn’t that fond of Maria, after all she ruined homecoming all those years ago and she “never got that fake blood out” of her dress.
  9. Isobel is afraid that if she does have a baby it will be “different” and then her secret will be exposed.
  10. The reboot is definitely a bit edgier and more adult-skewed – and that includes a bit of a coarse language, and quite a few nods to sex, something the WB incarnation definitely didn’t have.

Are you pumped for the new “Roswell”?


Exclusive : Dwayne Johnson, Atlantean!?

Mike Lowery on a possible collaboration between ‘Hobbs’ and Feige




While he does wear a VIP lanyard at DC now, due to his lengthy involvement with the “Shazam!” franchise (he’s set to play the villainous Black Adam in a future Shazam sequel and spin-off, too), Hawaiian hulkster Dwayne Johnson is also on Marvel’s wish list – and has been for a number of years. No big surprise, right?

You may have noticed, the “Hobbs & Shaw” star took to Instagram a couple of days back to congratulate Marvel on the success they’re having, commercially and critically, with “Avengers : Endgame” – showering much of the praise on bigwig Kevin Feige. It’s a gushing – and then some – post that suggests the artist formerly known as ‘The Rock’ is indeed in good, or hopes to be, with Marvel Studios.

Something is up, right?

It sure is!

With so many Marvel productions about to gear up – expect the next phase, or part thereof, to be announced at SDCC in July – there’s undoubtedly going to be a lot of spots to fill ahead, so Feige’s been meeting with a number of A listers (rumblings of Tom Cruise wanting to collaborate with Feige too, in the future) and one of those recent meets has been with Johnson.

They’ve been talking about a number of different possibilities – the actor has his pick of the board – all of which Johnson would produce and headline.

The one gig I know about, that’s been floated Johnson’s way, is Namor!

Namor as he appeared in an episode of the “Fantastic Four” animated series.

Yep, Bill Everett’s Sub-Mariner has been taking shape over at Manhattan Beach and Johnson’s been on that go-to list for it for a while now.A snug fit too, if I don’t say so myself.

While the “Jumanji” actor had previously said “Black Adam”, over at DC/Warner, would go into production next summer the studio have yet to make any moves on it, so don’t be surprised if one of the projects Marvel want Johnson for – like the ‘Sub Mariner’ movie – comes together first.

Marvel had been looking at doing a “Sub-Mariner” movie long before, even, “Iron Man”. Back in the late ’90s, they hired Philip Kaufman to direct, and Sam Hamm (“Batman Returns”) to write the piece. That went away, just as the Universal Pictures version- which went into development in 2001 – did too. Chris Columbus was attached to direct their take at one point, as was Jonathan Mostow. These were different times, comic book movies weren’t the sure-thing successes they would seem to be today. In 2014, Marvel Studios finally got the rights back to the character from Uni (well, most of the rights – Universal still get to distribute), and have been tinkering with the film proposition ever since.

Namor, the mutant son of a human sea captain and a princess of the mythical undersea kingdom of Atlantis, has remained a historically important and popular Marvel character that regularly gets about with the Avengers, Fantastic Four and X-Men. While it’s possible the character might be introduced in a future “Avengers” movie, it’s much more likely he’ll be treated to a solo jaunt first.

Hopefully more info on the “Sub-Mariner” film plans emerge in San Diego this summer.

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Exclusive : Baz’s Elvis project shooting January

Search now underway for a fresh-faced to play young Elvis




News from a very reliable source down under, Baz Luhrmann’s reported Elvis biopic for Warner Bros is a go, with filming due to kick off in January 2020.

While the “Moulin Rouge” and “Great Gatsby” director recently set Tom Hanks to play Colonel Tom Parker, the producing committee –  Luhrmann, Catherine Martin, and Gail Berman – are now on the hunt for a fresh-faced Elvis Presely. Casting agents have been given the heads up that the film has a a vacancy for a 19-28 year old to play the king before his famed persona.

The untitled film, which will feature a record crate’s full of Presley hits, is being penned by Luhrmann and regular collaborator Craig Pearce.

Luhrmann has a few projects on his to-do list – including a feature film take on classic series “Kung-Fu” – but seems the Elvis pic, which will tell the tale of the Memphis megastar “in typically wonderfully wild Baz tradition”, will be his next picture.

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Exclusive : Here’s the plot of Coming 2 America!

Who will replace Prince Akeem on the throne!?




Happy Easter!

“Coming 2 America”. Big sequel. Highly anticipated. One of the few Eddie Murphy-headlined sequels they have been able to get off the ground – looking at you “Beverly Hills Cop 4”–  and rather quickly.  It’s headed towards the cameras soon, with both Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall reprising their roles from John Landis’s timeless 1988 comedy. The casting folks behind “Empire” are casting this, slotting the supports into place as we speak.

There’s little Paramount have released about the movie, only that it somehow involves a ‘son character’ – but you know what? I have more! (courtesy the same Paramount insider that tipped us off to the “Grease” prequel plans for the original leads last week) I have the plot.. and it promises to be as welcomingly humorous as it does hearty.

While in the first film Akeem had to find a wife, and bring her back to the homeland, in this one he’s out to bring his American son back to Zumanda. If the son is willing to replace him as prince, then Akeem gets to be King.

Akeem’s long-lost son LaVelle is essentially living the flip side life to his father – he’s permanently ‘trapped’ in Queens, he is broke, he is working at a burger place just to make ends meet, and his boss (Big Reem, guy that lives at home with his mom) is no McDowell. It’s on his 30th birthday that LaVelle starts to get a deeper itch to do more and be more.

He gets that wish when he discovers he’s heir to the throne of Zamunda – where the father he never knew, Akeem is a prince – and is soon about to be King. Cue the airplane!

And yes, there’s a girl – – Zamundan Mirembe, whose parents have disowned her for becoming a ‘groomer’ – – but knowing she won’t pass muster with the royals, LaVelle doesn’t initially give it a thought. LaVelle has to first stop chasing gold and stop trying to be someone he’s not (and it’s Mirembe that ends up being the voice of reason), and realize he’s already got plenty. Maybe she’s his calling… and maybe royalty isn’t? Yep, that old nugget.

A better match for the throne might be Akeem’s eldest daughter, Meeka, an intelligent born-leader whose theories (especially in relation to Akeem’s rival, General Izzi are concerned – she knows he’s up to no good, Akeem thinks otherwise) and suggestions for her future ‘King’ father are right on the money.

You can see where this is going….

Meantime,  Dave Chappelle is rumored to be reuniting with Murphy for the flick.

According to That Hashtag Show,  Murphy’s “Nutty Professor” co-star would play Baba, an old shaman from Zamunda that advises King Jaffe (James Earl Jones) and later Prince Akeem (Murphy), in the Craig Brewer-directed sequel.

Production kicks off on the film, which will also star Arsenio Hall, Shari Headley and John Amos, later this year.

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