Exclusive : And title of the next Beverly Hills Cop is…

Eddie Murphy is back, back where he doesn’t belong.

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We can confirm that the title of the fourth “Beverly Hills Cop” movie, at one stage said to be titled simply “Beverly Hills Cop” and more recently, “Beverly Hills Cop 4”, is…

Beverly Hills Cop : Axel F

“Beverly Hills Cop : Axel F”, directed by Aussie Mark Molloy and again starring Eddie Murphy in the title role of Axel F[oley], shoots in California shortly.

It’ll premiere on Netflix.



In addition to a possible reprise from Judge Reinhold as Billy Rosewood (assuming that’s who they’re hinting at in the descriptions when they say “an old friend”?), Netflix’s upcoming “Beverly Hills Cop” sequel will introduce a series of new characters including Alex Foley’s estranged daughter, her boyfriend, an egotistical police chief , and a snotty real estate agent in cahoots with the latter.

The character breakdowns come from That Hashtag Show who adds that the plot of the film revolves around corruption in the Beverly Hills police force.

“After he gets a phone call from an old friend about his estranged daughter, Jane, Foley makes new enemies and teams up with his daughter and her ex-boyfriend, Detective Bobby Tapia. Once there, he takes on drug cartels and a conspiracy inside the Beverly Hills Police Department”, says the site.

No word on John Ashton, who has publicly announced interest in reprising his John Taggart role from the first two films, appearing.

The pic, to be directed by Australia’s Mark Molloy is the first “Beverly Hills Cop” project since the ill-failed “Beverly Hills Cop” pilot that was shot in 2013 (it, coincidentally, saw Eddie Murphy’s Axel teaming up with his son).

The city of Beverly Hills is apparently looking at the script right now and deciding what can and can’t be filmed in the swanky city. It has, however, given the thumbs up to shoot there – hoping some “Top Gun : Maverick” style promotion can boost tourism.

“A representative of Beverly Hills and the police department will review parts of the “Beverly Hills Cop 4” script for its portrayal of the city, local crime and the police department as a condition to the production’s ability to film certain scenes in the city.

The ‘corrupt police force’ plot might be a problem, and may need to be tweaked, says Patch.com.

“Many things that were funny in the 80s are not funny now, and it’s really important to all of us to make sure that the integrity of our Beverly Hills Police Department is really maintained because we do have an incredible police department,” Mayor Lili Bosse said.

The site says the film will include a number of elements that would require permitted approval from the city including: a temporary street closure on Wilshire Boulevard, a wrong-way driving scene on Rodeo Drive, simulated gunfire and the fictional depiction of the Beverly Hills Police Department, according to Magdalena Davis, Special Events and Filming Coordinator for the city of Beverly Hills.

One scene that’s already been nixed involves Axel breaking glass. Because of the number of smash-and-grab robberies in the area of late, the scene has had to go.

Council members say they can take a joke and are prepared to work with the production so that the movie is shot there. They just need to go over the script in full first before approving permits.

“Yes, of course we want to protect you and we want your support. … [But] one of the things that we really want to do is keep some creative integrity for the story we are trying to tell and have some understanding that it is a comedy, there will be some jokes. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be portraying Beverly Hills in a negative light,” said Dan Cooley, supervising location manager for “Beverly Hills Cop 4.”. “It’s one thing to protect the integrity of the police department, it’s another thing to have too many changes with our script.”

“Beverly Hills Cop 4” is expected to lens in California this August.

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