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Exclusive : Bad Teacher 2 not happening, says Kasdan

Seems school’s out on the “Bad Teacher” sequel.

I had a chance to yak to Jake Kasdan, the director of the 2011 hit comedy, to see where the sequel to the Cameron Diaz starrer currently sits. You’ll recall that in 2013, Sony announced that Kasdan and Diaz were reuniting on a sequel with Justin Malen on script duties. Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, who wrote the orignal, would produce this time around, along with Kasdan and Jimmy Miller.

Kasdan – speaking to Moviehole for the home entertainment bow of his “Jumanji : Welcome to the Jungle”- said the sequel won’t be happening… not because star Cameron Diaz is eyeing her exit from acting, but because they just couldn’t “figure it out”.

“I think it’s probably unlikely at this stage I’m afraid. We could never really figure it out, even though we loved making that movie and I loved working with Cameron but I think it’s probably unlikely that we’d do a “Bad Teacher” sequel.”

A loss for fans of the original, but no so much for Kasdan – who has a blossoming, sure-thing franchise on his hands with “Jumanji”.And for those “Bad Teacher” fans that didn’t catch it, the short-lived TV series spin-off starring Ari Graynor in Diaz’s part is available on VOD.

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