Exclusive : Logo for Lost Boys series revealed

Why fix what’s not broke, right?

Seems this might be the official logo for The CW’s take on ‘80s hit “The Lost Boys”. The pilot, which has been lensing in Vancouver under the direction of Catherine Hardwicke, essentially tells the same yarn as the 1987 film – so why not go with the same branding, right?

As you’ll see, the logo is significantly similar to that used for Joel Schumacher’s classic film version but with a small but noticeable difference – there seems to be a drop of blood coming off the T.

“The Lost Boys” (1987) logo

The CW’s “Lost Boys” started lensing March 13 with Vancouver standing in for coastal city Santa Carla.

The quintessential beach town, located in California, Santa Carla, you’ll remember from the film, plays home to Carla Beach Boardwalk, the West Coast’s oldest surviving seaside amusement park – so expect to see that on the small-screen version, too.

For the film, Santa Cruz, on the north end of Monterey Bay, California, played Santa Carla. But for the sequel, “The Lost Boys: The Tribe”, they shot in Vancouver.

The new series, featuring Tyler Posey, Kiele Sanchez, Medalion Rahimi, and Dakota Shapiro, plays the same card as the movie, retelling the story of two brothers (Posey as older brother Michael) who discover their new hometown is a haven to vampires.

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