Faris was dumped from Scary Movie series because of her age!?

Anna Faris, who got her break as ditzy damsel Cindy Campbell in the “Scary Movie” series (she now hosts of one of the funniest podcasts around), appeared on Watch What Happens Live on Thursday night where she answered a few questions from fans.

One caller asked Faris what she thought of “Scary Movie 5”, released in 2013, considering she wasn’t in it.

Faris spoke a little bit about the movie (she only saw half of it) and why she wasn’t in it – seems it wasn’t her choice at all.

The actress hinted that the studio didn’t want her in the film because she was too old (WTF! – Ed), adding that “they wanted to revamp the brand.”

In 2012, back when the film was in production, Faris stated that she wasn’t doing the film but didn’t go into details.

“No, I don’t think I’m going to do it,” the actress told Coming Soon.

She went on : “I don’t think I’m part of [the sequel]. I don’t know exactly what’s happening with it, but I hear it’s sort of in the works and stuff.”

Directed by Malcolm D.Lee, “Scary Movie 5” starred Ashley Tisdale, Simon Rex, Molly Shannon, Heather Locklear and Charlie Sheen.

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