Forming a Patton with Roadhouse 2

Who’s playing Swayze’s brother in the sequel?

The always-multipurpose Will Patton [“Armageddon”, TV’s “The Agency”] will fill the void left by Patrick Swayze (and such a big void it is) in the “Roadhouse” sequel.

“Roadhouse 2 : Last Call” penner Miles Chapman tells The Hollywood News that the veteran actor plays Dalton’s (the character played by Swayze in the action-packed 80’s original) brother in the sequel.

“I know there has been some negative reaction to the news that Patrick Swayze won’t be appearing in the film. Well, all I have to say is that Will Patton and Jonathan Schaech are carrying the torch proudly. Patton plays “Nate”, Dalton’s brother, and owner of the Black Pelican. Schaech is “Shane” Nate’s nephew, and both of them are shockingly good in the action scenes (along with a stunt crew that are out of this world) as well as bringing a level of acting to an action sequel that’s surprisingly high”.

Chapman adds, “Thankfully, I have to say that from what I saw they are going to make a totally rocking action movie. The action sequences (ten in all. Yes, ten) are being staged by J.J. Perry of “Serenity” and “The Rundown” fame and he has got it going on. Diehard fans of the original are going to be very pleasantly surprised”.

I believe the producers were originally chasing Treat Williams [“Everwood”] to play the role of Nate.

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