Henry Cavill rumored for Marvel character

The former Superman was recently replaced as DC’s big screen Superman


Now that DC has seemingly severed ties with former Superman actor it’d be no surprise to hear that Henry Cavill is a wanted man over at rival studio, Marvel.

In fact, he’s already been linked a Marvel movie – and long before his return in the cape in last year’s Black Adam – the rather appropriate Captain Britain.

Noe a new rumor suggests that the Man of Steel and “The Witcher” actor is linked to the role of Spider-UK, a character from the Spider-Man universe, for Sony.

GFK reports :

“There have been persistent rumors of late that Henry Cavill might be up for playing Captain Britain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but there is no reason why he could not also play Spider-UK for Sony Pictures. The character was introduced in the 2014 Spider-Verse storyline, which involved innumerable variants of Marvel’s favorite web-slinger, including several that have already shown up in various media.”

There are a number of Spider-Man projects in development so, while it’s simply a rumor at this stage, there may be something in this.

Trailer : Tetris

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