Indiana Jones Spy Pic – Updated

The snappers are out in force in San Diego

The gang over at Slash Film have had a picture sent to them from a spy on the Comic-Con floor, a tasty little piece you can see on this very page.

Not sure how long the image is likely to last, but you can check out the whole thing over at the site – In case you’ve been living under a rock, “Indiana Jones & The City Of The Gods” is currently filming for release next year.

Update: 26.07.07
Well, this is certainly interesting – and may add to the stories of the new “Indy” flick having a little something in common with “Raiders of the Lost Ark” – on the original picture, there’s some kind of golden structure on top of the ruins, and in a new picture that Coming Soon have just posted up from the Comic-Con floor, something very familiar is perched on top of that display……..

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