Johnston reveals "Daredevil 2" plans

Wizard Magazine talked to "Daredevil" director Mark Steven Johnson, who revealed his plans for a sequel. "I’ve been thinking about [the sequel]. Because the studio has been asking me about it too," says Johnson. ""Part of me would want to do [famous Daredevil storyline] ‘Born Again’, where the Kingpin comes back and gets his revenge and just takes Matt Murdock’s life apart. But I don’t think that would be enough, quite frankly. After Bullseye and Elektra and the Kingpin, you’d have to introduce who’s next, who’s the new person in the story…I think there is a version of a Mr. Fear that could be really cool for film, that could be really spooky and scary…The idea of the Man Without Fear who meets a man who can release the fear inside you – that’s a great idea."
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