Jon Hamm may still end up playing a Marvel superhero

There wasn’t anything but fourth-hand hearsay behind the whisper but TV fave Jon Hamm (“Mad Men”) was once rumoured to be up for the role of Superman in Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel”. And he might’ve made a good one too – strong build, plenty of charisma, and could likely pull off the dual egos thing with ease.
Still, the “Mad Men” alum was quick to shoot down the rumours, saying in 2011 that “I talked to Zack quite a bit,” Hamm, who worked with Snyder on “Sucker Punch”, says of the possibility that he might’ve donned the blue suit in that film. “We had some looping and some reshoots and stuff to do on ’Sucker Punch.’ But no, I think that’s a young man’s game now. I think I’ve been aged out of that one by now, but that’s fine with me. There are plenty of other people available to put on tights.”

And seems he was sticking to his guns – at least for the time being. While speaking to IFC in 2012, Hamm said he’d been offered quite a few superhero movies, but felt his age would ruin the experience for everyone.

“I’ve been offered my share of superhero movies, but I think I’ve aged out of that,” he said.

“My name has come up in a lot of superhero discussions,” the “Bridesmaids” actor added. “It’s a tough thing, you know? It’s a tough game to get into. I have mad, crazy respect for the people that can pull it off because it’s something that can be done poorly so easily. But, you know, it’s a big commitment and it’s probably something that, unless it’s the right thing, it’s probably not so much my jam.”

Seems the superhero movie world isn’t removing Hamm from it’s radar though.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph (for “Minions”, which she lends his lungs to), Hamm suggests he’s since warmed up to the idea of playing a comic book character. And with his friend Paul Rudd – around the same age as he is – playing a Marvel superhero (in “Ant-Man”), he might also end up playing the strongman in a picture.

“It’s certainly the coin of the realm at this point,’’ he says. “It seems like every other movie in the theatre has something to do with a superhero. Or the Marvel Universe.”

Furthermore, says Hamm, “I have been a massive comic book fan for a long long time, ever since I was a little kid. I know a lot more about the Marvel universe than your average bear and I have met with those guys at various times.”

“But”, adds Hamm, “it’s a choice that doesn’t come without positives and negatives. Most of the time if you are signing on to be a super-hero, you are basically, not unlike being on television, signing away the better part of six or seven years of your life.”

Interesting that Hamm would say Marvel (as opposed to DC, the home of Superman, Batman, and so on); which character in the Marvel universe do you think the 44-year-old actor be suited for?

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