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Jump Street and Men in Black crossover movie!?

This could be the cinematic equivalent of a fly-wire screen on a submarine.

Another of those leaked email conversations out of Sony has hit the web, this time pertaining to a conversation the studio has had with those behind the “21 Jump Street” and “Men in Black” franchises (including Steven Spielberg) about combining the two franchises.

While an Arrow and Flash crossover makes sense, this one licks of desperation and an empty ideas well. Sony have been trying to get their “Men in Black” franchise back up for a while now, but the idea to cross pollinate it’s world with that of the “Jump Street” universe suggests they’ve really struggled to come up with a worthy idea or excuse in doing so.

The third “21 Jump Street”, according to emails sourced by The Wall Street Journal, would see Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill’s cop characters working on a case in the “MIB” world. Does this not sound like one of the ridiculously inane ideas – for a sequel – that “22 Jump Street” spoofed so well in it’s end credits?

The intergalactic “Jump Street” would possibly feature Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in cameo roles, reprising their “MIB” roles. A fourth “Men in Black” film would then follow.

Sony would be “using” the “Jump Street” franchise to reinvigorate interest in their stale “Men in Black” series, in other words.

The kicker? Jonah Hill is a go for it. Is anyone surprised? This is an Oscar nominated actor, with a hit franchise, surely he knows better than to bow down to a studio exec with such dimish ideas! Or was he simply trying to get off the PC as quick as he could so he could return to the beach and frolic with some topless 20-year-olds alongside Leo? “Yeah, Yeah… whatever.. sounds good. Aliens and shit. Yeah”, types Hill, as he slips down to his tighty-whities and consequently makes a dash out the door and towards the deep blue.

Almost expecting the next leaked email to come out of Sony to be one pertaining to another inevitable crossover, “Cloudy with a Chance of Smurfs”!


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