Just Friends 2 in the works – here’s who’s returning!

Is the film the Samantha-centric film once proposed?


A while back, CinemaBlend caught up with Just Friends (2005)’ writer Adam ‘Tex’ Davis and director Roger Kumble to talk about the fifteenth anniversary of the film. Davis revealed that a spin-off featuring Fariss’s wacky Samantha, the pop singer from the original laffer, was near in the works.

“It wasn’t long after the movie, I talked to the people at New Line and we were considering doing a Samantha James spinoff movie. I actually came up with a whole treatment and was about to go pitch it. You’re not going to believe this, I went to see Brüno, the Sasha Baron Cohen movie and the plot of Brüno was so shockingly similar, including with her singing with Bono finally that I just clammed the Samantha James movie. I said, ‘I gotta cancel the pitch meeting, go see Bruno, that’s my pitch’. Then it kind of went away.”

It remains to be seen whether it’s a Samantha-centric project but Daniel RPK is reporting that a sequel to Just Friends is in the works. Ryan Reynolds is back, as is Amy Smart and Faris. Fact that Faris is back might suggest that the spin-off is indeed back in the works and that Smart and Faris might have smaller roles in the film. Guess we’ll find out soon!

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