Katherine Heigl hopes to be TV’s Jackie Bauer

Now this is a shocker! Katherine Heigl is starring in a new C.I.A. agent drama – that’s not the shocker, wait.. – and networks are said to be interested!

How’s that?

The former “Grey’s Anatomy” star – who killed her film career as soon as she ripped “Knocked Up” a new one, saying it was sexist and was completely ignorant of the wonders it did for her movie career – would play a globe-trotting advisor/communications expert who liaises with the President. Jackie Bauer, then?

Deadline has it that Heigl has been developing the show with Robert Simonds (”The Pink Panther”), with Alexi Hawley on writing duties. NBC is said to the network showing the most interest right now.

As a fan of late ’90s series “Roswell”, I’m disappointed to see Heigl go the way she has – all hoity and unappreciative, but hopefully her downward spiral of late has helped her wake up a bit.

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